How We Work

We apply our tried and tested methods to every project no matter the size. 

Step 1.
Design & Prototype

We Wireframe, design & Prototype every one of our solutions to ensure you’re happy from the start.

Step 2.
Development &User Testing

Our expert team of developers and testers make sure everything functions and works exactly as it should.

Step 3.
Software Deployment

Once you have checked over and made sure you are happy with the solution we then publish  your shiny new product

1. Design & prototype

We make sure that you are happy with the product from the start

We design and prototype all of our projects from apps to systems. The main reason we do this is so you know exactly what you are getting and it works how you need it to. With this approach we know everyone will happy from the start.

Computer software developer designing user interface.
Programmers cooperating at Developing programming and website working in a software develop company
2. Development & testing

Our experienced team of software developers take it from here

After you have approved the design and flows we then pass the project onto the developers. They work strictly to the prototypes and you are kept up to date weekly / bi-weekly with how your project is progressing. We meticulously test everything as we develop the software to make sure it works at every stage. 

3. deploy & publish

ready to unleash your new system - were ready for you.

Once we have final sign off on the project we will publish this on your chosen platform. We don’t charge for this stage separately as this is the goal we have been working towards collectively! We are on hand to offer support or maintenance after release so you are not left on your own!

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