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With over 35years combined experience in the software industry we are best placed to build your perfect solution for you. 

We Provide IT Services

Purpose Driven software Cost effective solutions

With more than 30-years experience, our team plan and develop every single idea to ensure we bring you the best and effective solution for your business.

Our Company Values

Unrivalled user experiences and on trend User interfaces

We provide top-notch UI/UX development services. Get an eye-catching look and feel for your solutions, increase your user interaction and drive sales. DigitalEagle Ltd has always aspired to create simple, user-friendly, intuitive solutions for our clients.


What we can do
for your business

Mobile Application Development

We design and build iOS and Android (native) apps using only the latest technology, to ensure your app is future proof.

Web & WordPress Development

We are on hand to ensure you have a unique, modern and responsive website that looks beautiful across all devices!


Software enhancements or bespoke software development. Our team are on hand to bring you the software you need.

Design Services

We are experienced, UI & UX Designers. So you can focus on your business knowing you’re software will look the part!

identity & Rebrands

Save time and energy with our in-house professionals so you can focus on what matters on your business.​

Web / Cloud

Unrivalled web applications for your business! From stock management to booking systems we have done them all!

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