Directory Listing App

Innoveat Group Ltd

The Brief

Innoveat approached us with an idea to connect food industry suppliers and buyers in one easy to use mobile application. They required a directory for buyers to find food industry suppliers and had strict instructions to ensure that suppliers could not make first contact, a platform where buyers could feel secure and with minimal spam.


  • Registration & Login
  • Email verification
  • Subscription payments
  • Live chat messaging
  • Click to call buttons
  • New Product showcase
  • Event showcase
  • Buyer requests
  • PDF Newsletter reader

What We Did

  1. We started by designing the application ensuring we stayed within the brand guidelines in regards to icons, colours and fonts.
  2. We then prototyped the application and provided this to the client. We do this so that all of our clients know exactly what they are getting when we move to development. This also makes the process much smoother for both the client and us.
  3. Development starts
  4. We designed and built the database which would store all of the data required for the app to function.
  5. We then designed and developed the administrative panel so that the client can administer the system. They required supplier and buyer approvals before they could access the system.
  6. We designed the app in the chosen application framework. For this project we used flutter as it was cost effective and handled all of the clients functionality with ease.
  7. We custom developed all API’s and linked them in app.
  8. We then stress tested every module and removed any bugs and made sure that every module was working and communicating with the database exactly as it should.
  9. Client was passed a version of the app via TestFlight and also the APK file to test and give final sign off.
  10. App was published to Playstore and Appstore. (this is a free service we provide to all of our clients)
Innoveat Group Ltd
Project Type:
Mobile Application
Date Launched:
May 2021
90 Days
Published To:
Appstore - Playstore - Web (admin panel)

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