Pharmacy Delivery App


The Brief

DYDDY approached us with an extensive brief for their new mobile application. They wanted a mobile application developed to function like Deliveroo but for a niche. We had extensive conversations with the client to find out their needs and the functionality they required.

What We Did

We began by researching the functionality of Deliveroo and outlined the user flow and made improvements to their processes. As avid users of delivery apps we know exactly what works and what areas needed improvement.

1. We started by designing the application. We detailed the user flows and provided a working prototype of the designs and included various animations which we kept during development.

2. We then custom built an administrative dashboard which enables the client to run their whole business.

3. We then developed the mobile application for iOS and Android

4. We custom developed all API’s so that the app can function.

5. The app file was then sent to the client to check they were happy with how the app flows

6. The API’s were then integrated into the mobile application making it functional.

7. We stress tested the whole system and squashed the remaining bugs and sent to the client to test.

Project Type:
Mobile Application
Date Launched:
90 Days
Published To:

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