Fitness Mobile App

DA Fitness

The Brief

DA Fitness approached us to create them a goal tracking, weight management and mood tracking mobile application. This is to fall inline with the way they coach their clients to manage their weight and ensure a healthy lifestyle. They wanted the app to be feature rich and intuitive. It was also important that everything functioned correctly using a specific formula. We developed a formula to display the data in both text and graph form, accurately.

What We Did

    • We started designing  the application ensuring we took the clients brief onboard and also included all of the brands icons, colours and fonts.

    • We then prototyped the application and provided this to the client. We do this so that all of our clients know exactly what they are getting when we move to development. This also makes the process much smoother for both the client and us.

    • Development starts

    • We designed and built the database which would store all of the data required for the app to function.

    • We then designed and developed the administrative panel so that the client can administer the system.

    • We designed the app in the chosen application framework. For this project we used flutter for the app and code ignitor for the administrative panel.

    • We custom developed all API’s and integrated them in app.

    • We stress tested every module and removed any bugs. Making sure that every module was working and communicating with the database exactly as it should.

    • We sent a version of the app to TestFlight for testing. We also sent an APK file to test and give final sign off.

    • Finally, we published the mobile application to both Playstore and Appstore. (this is a free service we provide to all of our clients)

Extra Functionality

Custom Graphs

In order for the app to be exactly as the client needed, we had to develop custom graphs which included the use of emojis as a reference point. This can be challenging as emojis are an object and graphs require a data input. We overcame this challenge and produced exactly what the client requested!

Daily Goal Tracking

In order for DA fitness’ clients to better stay “on plan” they required a function which enables them to track certain daily goals. To do this we introduced a simple tally system in which the user presses the + button when they have achieved that goal. We limited this to one press per day with the ability to undo a click if pressed accidentally. Goals are tracked throughout the users training plan and adherence to the plan is measured in percentage which we displayed accordingly in various locations throughout the app.

Appointment booking

We developed a booking system in which DA fitness can list their availability for the upcoming weeks / months and users can purchase credits to make a booking with them. The services bookable services are set by the system administrator and price attached. Once purchased Fitness clients can then use those credits to book that service.

DA Fitness
Project Type:
Mobile Apps
Date Launched:
90 Days
Published To:
Appstore, PlayStore & Web

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